A 360Bikers Welcome!

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Welcome to the blog interface for 360Bikers, your home for dynamic tours in the USA and parts of Canada. After years of creating large-scale rides for our riding group, it’s time to break out and invite the world. Our rides are not for beginners. They take anywhere from 4 to 10 days. A single day can cover over 600 miles if necessary. On the other hand, we have had days with less than 200 miles that took over 12 hours because of the sights and roads we find. Safety is always a focus of our rides. The designs are centered around great riding with twists and turns while executing a mature respect for the road and nature.

Pictures? Our rides usually result on over 2,000 photos from the group and hours of video production. We feature 360-degree VR cameras and make you part of our movies.

I’ll be posting photos and video from local rides as well as our bigger rides. I look forward to seeing you here.