Some New Roads, Some Old

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Our ride this weekend took us to some new roads, but we had to travel some traditional roads as well.  I repeated an experiment with positioning the camera on my helmet instead of the handlebars to give a more realistic Virtual Reality feel to it.  While the VR is better, you suffer from my head turns as I check traffic conditions and the locations of my riders.  The handlebar mount eliminates the head turns, but forces you to look at me at least once as you turn around.

The second experiment I did was to double edit the video.  I can’t say I’m happy with it, but it may be a work in progress.  I use the Garmin VIRB 360 camera, which is incredible for video and lets you include some really nice metrics such as mapping, speed and altitude.  There are many more.  The VIRB Edit software, however, sucks.  It has no creative transitions.  I won’t allow a 2D graphic to be inserted into a VR video… at all!  Layers don’t exist.  It falls far short of a full-featured editor compared to the one below.

So, what I did was to edit the ride in VIRB Edit first to get the metrics and then ran it through Cyberlink PowerDirector.  Well, the transitions and features are far superior, but the quality of the original video was seriously diminished.  I’ll let you take a look at the two and give me some feedback.  If you could also subscribe to the channel, I’d appreciate it.

Garmin VIRB Edit

Cyberlink PowerDirector