360Bikers Big Ride East – Day Two

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Amtrak delays cost us over 4 hours.the bikes were finally unloaded. The alert system on Harley’s flashes the lights if someone tries to move the bike.  They had just had a 14 hour ride of jostling.  Four dead batteries on Harleys and another 90 minutes of delays.  This forced me to slip from plan A to plan B to plan Z.  We would be taking a direct route from Lorton to Lock Haven.  While Garmin didn’t think it was the fastest route, it was mainly on roads I had been on dozens of times when I lived in Washington and Lock Haven and dating a young lady in Mechanicsburg.

Instead of rolling in with time for a great dinner, we stopped for something less and got in after dark.  We still got to enjoy a lot of the beautiful countryside in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.