Indian’s Ride Command Upgrade

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If you have an Indian touring bike with the 7″ Ride Command, you just got an upgrade!  In October 2018 Indian released a firmware update that brings your bike up to the 2019 features, and there are lots of good things in the update.  The Ride Command system is available on Indian touring motorcycles beginning with 2017.  Updates are incredibly easy to do with the Indian system.  Their dedication to updating all bikes is something I really appreciate in today’s market.

The update has lots of improved features.  First, it adds better customization of the three personal screens and new features to use on these screens.  Navigation got updates in the interface and now includes Pass Points, so you can skip that turn you decided not to use.  It has also improved the low fuel navigation feature so you can easily add a fuel stop from your current position without sacrificing your route.

Indian also improved their web site Route Planning application.  Actually, I think it’s the best one on the market now.  It is incredibly easy to use.  It’s nice to edit.  It is not confused, like some applications seem to be when you use roads with multiple tunnels.  I’ve been planning and leading rides for over 12 years (not counting that one in 1973) and I’m very critical of the tools we have on the market.  I would love to see more interoperability with the files between bikes, but on the Indian… this is the very best for planning.  I wish it worked for everyone!  But wait!  There’s more!  The routes you create online sync to the app on your phone.  Yes!  They have an app for that and it gets better.  The phone can be synced via bluetooth to the bike so you simply transfer the route(s) you planned directly to the bike.  You can still use the USB port for that, but the full circle technique is great.  The app will also track your ride if you are just randomly riding around.  The track can also be added to your library of routes.

If you have an Indian with Ride Command, you just passed the Harleys and Hondas when it comes to the information center on your bike.  I’m sure other companies will make similar improvements soon.  Now, if we could just get them to talk so we could share routes between platforms we would have what we need.