The Touring Motorcycle

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There are many kinds of riders in the motorcycle world.  Some are all about the speed.  Some are about looking cool around town.  Some are about touring and taking that longer ride.  Some like to combine all those features.  I have always been more of the touring variety.  I have had several touring bikes including Harley Davidson, Victory, Honda, Yamaha and Indian.  None have been perfect, but all had great points about them, too.

I’d like to get some feedback and share some feedback with readers.  It will give you some perspective as well.  Here is a quick, four-question survey to get a picture of what touring bike(s) you ride or would like to ride.  We’ll get an idea of the features you like when touring and what could be improved.  Who knows?  This feedback could get spotted by your manufacturer and improvements could come from it!  CLICK HERE to see the survey and then the current results.