Whatcha Doin’ This Summer?

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Every year for the past 12 years I’ve planned and led a major ride somewhere in the USA.  Most of our rides started in California at California Motorcycle Adventures.  A great couple ran the family business for years.  The courtesy, knowledge and professionalism was unmatched.

A lake at Glacier National Park.

Then… they retired.  In 2017 we did our first rental through Eagle Rider, who has since been acquired by Harley Davidson.  It was also the last year we intended to rent any where.  Our 2018 ride went from Florida to Niagara Falls, hitting 13 states and riding over 2,800 miles.

In 2018 we also did our first year with two major rides.  After the east coast ride mentioned above we rode from south Florida to Traverse City, Michigan.  It wasn’t the easiest route type thing, either.  It included the entire Blue Ridge Parkway and the Skyway in Shenandoah National Park.  We spend a few days in northern Michigan before returning.  The rider with the most miles on this trip was over 4,300 miles.

2019 will have a few adventures early in the spring and summer, but our big event will be The Ultimate Big Ride.  Day One is May 25th and starts in Cornelia, GA.

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay on France Scott Key Bridge.

This ride will manage to touch all 48 states in the lower USA.  It will take 40 to 45 days.  It will cover over 13,000 miles.  It is loaded with highlights on almost every day of the ride.  You’ll ride part of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Tail of the Dragon. You’ll discover mountain roads in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.  You’ll cross the Appalachian Mountains into Washington, D. C. and spend a day seeing the national monuments.You’ll cross the Chesapeake Bay on Frances Scott Key Bridge and ride the Palisades of New Jersey before crossing the famous Tappen Zee Bridge back into New York.  You’ll ride to the tip of Cape Cod and dine on great New England seafood.  Crossing the mountains of Vermont, you’ll wind back into New York and ride the perimeter road for Lake George.  Pennsylvania will present some great roads and Eder’s Ice Cream. Ohio has a four hour stop for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  You’ll have some quiet time at Notre Dame before heading to the Harley Davidson headquarters and museumSpirit Lake is on our list, too.  This is the Indian facility for building America’s oldest motorcycle name brand.  Some days are not as exciting, but we make up for that.  Sliding into South Dakota over a 3 day period we ride The Badlands, The Wall Drugstore, The Black Hills and Mount RushmoreWyoming will present you with Devil’s TowerBig Horn National Forest, Beartooth Pass and Yellowstone National Park.  In Montana our keystone section is Glacier National Park and into the Cascade Mountains.  You’ll stop at the famous Grand Coulee Dam before heading to Seattle and the Space Needle.  You’ll ride with Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens looming in the distance as you enter the mountains of Oregon.  You’ll enjoy the Avenue of the Giants and find a tree to drive through… safely, as we head to Ukiah.  You’ll cut through Mountain View Road towards Point Arena to experience the Pacific Coast Highway through Muir Woods.  Southern California’s Lake Isabel is the gateway towards Las Vegas.  You’ll love the ride on Route 66 as we pass through Prescott and the red rocks of SedonaThe Grand Canyon takes a few hours of your day before passing through Marble Canyon, Vermilion Canyon and into Zion National Park.  You’ll ride through Bryce Canyon National Park and the Capital Reef.  A major highlight will be a full day for Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  You’ll pass the famous 4-Corners Monument where you can stand in four states at the same time.  You’ll head north into the Rocky Mountains National Park, Poudre Canyon, the Continental Divide, Chimney Rock and Scott’s Bluff.  You’ll visit Oklahoma City and perhaps the Dallas AT&T Stadium.  While there, you’ll see where the Kennedy assignation happened and visit downtown Dallas.  Then, it’s time to head north again and spend a few days riding the Ozark Mountains before heading south again.  You’ll enjoy Bourbon Street in the French Quarter and dine at Napoleon House.  Finally, you’ll visit the famous Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, Florida before finishing the ride.

A close encounter in Yellowstone National Park.

So, why would you care? Well, A) if you’re a serious rider with B) a bucket list and C) the time to do this ride… you probably want to go.  Perhaps you know someone that would be interested in the ride or joining the group for part of it. You hit the lower 48 states and see some of the greatest things in America.  This ride has been in the planning for almost 3 years.  It is tweaked constantly as we look to shorten days and increase dynamics.

Day by day sign up can be done by joining the 360Bikers MeetUp site.  CLICK HERE to sign up.