DIY vs Dealer Installation

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You may have received something for the bike this year. I love doing it myself.  It’s like getting free money instead of paying $80/hour for someone to do it.  Sure, it may take me three times as long because I don’t do this all day every day, but I’m saving money, right?

New exhaust may mean more than just installing them.

Well, not always.  So, I’m one of those in-between guys that can install some basic things, but I leave the big stuff to the mechanics.  There’s a safety factor there that you have to measure.  There’s the expense factor in the tools that may be required for the job.  It’s a balancing act where you have to find where you fit.

I have friends that are very good at working on their bikes.  I know a guy that has taken his Gold Wing apart a couple times… because he wanted to better understand the bike!  Yeah, he added a bunch of cool stuff, too.  Another friend used to be the parts manager for a dealership in NYC.  He takes almost any bike apart (especially his Harley) to do whatever it takes.  I have other friends that fear screwdrivers and simply take everything to the dealership… everything!  BUT, if you have no confidence or mechanical talent this is a great decision.

So, when you buy that new toy for your bike give it an honest evaluation based on your tools and your talents.  Sometimes it’s better for DIY.  Other times, you actually save money and grief by letting the dealership or mechanic do what they are trained to do.  Make good decisions.

Are you one of those that has the tools and talent to do your own work almost every time?  Are you in between?  Are you someone that takes it to the dealership for everything?  Let’s look at the most basic thing on the list…. do you do your own oil changes?