Planning the Details

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Tail of the Dragon
The Tail of the Dragon will be done in the first day of our ride.

As we approach deadlines for the 360Bikers Ultimate Big Ride, the one visiting all 48 lower-states and DC, I start thinking about blog entries here. It is my intent to write a little about each day as we travel across the country. I am sooo looking forward to this adventure. I have a few people signed up to do different parts of it with me. It has a lot of options for you to customize your ride.

If you know me, you know that video is a big part of all my rides. I will be shooting VR 360×360 every day, but I won’t have time to edit them until I finish the ride. It typically takes me about 4 days to edit one day of VR video into segments that you may enjoy. The part I like best is that we can all come back for years and actually take the ride as a simulation.

The section of the video above was shot by Brian Dawson on a ride in California. His GoPro was mounted on the engine guard and gives you an intense view of our first time on Naciemento-Ferguson Road, south of Big Sur. Watch it to the 4:00 mark at least.

Chandler Tree
Just south of Avenue of the Giants are some trees you can actually drive through! We’ll be here around Day 23.

For the blog, I intend to use some of my Go-Pro cameras. This straight forward video will allow me to take a couple hours on some nights and make a quick video of the day’s highlights. This all takes planning and a good laptop to travel. I can do these only after I transfer the VR files, which can take a few hours due to the size. I hope to give everyone to enjoy parts of this trip. I’d love to have you ride with me on sections (or all of it), but this will give you an idea of what we are doing.