Planning 2020 – SCMA Four Corners

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Planning big rides around North America.

I plan ahead. I believe that if you plan to succeed, you must have a plan, to succeed. OK, Ben Franklin said that, but I internalize it. I feel that spontaneity works out best if it is well planned. But don’t confuse a good plan with something that takes a lot of time. I’ve put together local ride plans in less than a minute. But I have to have a plan to make sure everyone with me is safe.

Required for this ride.

This is not a one-minute plan. This is the 360Bikers route for the SCMA Four Corners Tour. This is an endurance ride that really isn’t that hard. In fact, my route has some urban avoidance, some mountain riding, and some adventure planned in it to keep it fun. This is a fantastic ride. I’ll let you read more about it here. Please read it as I was amaze about this ride from the start.

I wanted to post this for two reasons. First, to give you a chance to plan for this ride so you can do it with us. It will be another fantastic ride with memories you will carry throughout your life. However… it takes time and if you’re tight on vacation time you simply can’t do this ride yet. The second reason is to quickly point out the highlights of the three legs.

Key West starting point.

Our first leg starts in Key West, one of the Four Corners. To get there, you obviously have to ride the Keys Highway down. That’s good because on the way out it will be dark. Anyone that has been riding in Florida knows there is no excitement in the nearly nine hours to get out of the state from the Southern Most Point. These four days take us on highways, but gets us to Madawaska, ME for the second corner. The density of the east coast makes it impossible to totally avoid urban areas. In Maine, we leave a lot of it behind.

The second leg enters Canada. Yes, you will need your passport. We will do almost the entire length of the Trans Canada Highway, an exceptional route that is 3-hours longer than the shortest route and provides new adventures. We do pass through a couple Canadian urban areas, but mostly it is rural or even very remote. Careful fuel planning and carrying cash (Canadian) is important here. We will not be stopping for bears, but we will see incredible mountains, lakes and plains. This let re-enters the United States at Blaine, WA, the third corner of our journey.

Old La Honda: Perhaps my favorite scenic riding road.

Finishing in style, the third leg of the official ride will focus on mountain roads with which we are very familiar. We pay attention to the time left and the speeds we can do, but we revisit several of the most dramatic riding areas we’ve done over the past 12 years. I don’t want to give much away now, but the words Old La Honda and Naciemento-Ferguson are in there. I’ll be posting more about these segments as we go along. We end the final segment in San Ysidro, the southern most point in California.

This is a sanctioned endurance ride for which you pay registration and receive recognition upon approval of the documentation you submit. You get some trinkets like your numbered towel that must be in each photo and a plaque recognizing that you have accomplished this ride. Your name will be published for all to see. There is a banquet recognizing riders that you may also attend. All-in-all, this is a cool ride with dramatic scenery and recognition of what you love to do: Serious Riding.