The Ultimate Big Ride Segment Classifications

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Getting ready for a ride.

The 360Bikers Big Ride Tours are divided into days with specific guidelines for miles and hours. Sometimes, I have to plan higher than the guidelines in order to reach safe destinations. Many of my rides now have flexible planning built in because of their size. A perfect example is the 2019 Ultimate Big Ride – All 48 Lower States. Not only is this a difficult ride for most people to do the complete ride, but it has an intrinsic design that allows riders to join us for part of the ride, making a built-in mini-tour.

I have had riders in the past concern themselves with how demanding a day may be. Some expressed concern when we go over 350 miles in a day. Some can do more, but still get concerned as we reach larger distances occasionally. So, I created some color-coded criteria for each day on this ride.

Observatories in California.

For days that are considered light, less than 350 miles, I classified them as light green. Now, I have had days that fit this group but are extremely demanding mountain ride that may even take more than 9 hours. You should really look at all the facts in selecting days. Of the 40 days on this massive ride, 22 of them fit this category. So, over half of the days on this tour are well within the driving limits of an average rider.

Ada took a photo of the group right after Mountain View Road.

If the ride that day is between 350 miles and 475 miles, I consider it an average day. The color cyan has been associated with these rides. One point to remember is that you are on a motorcycle tour. You want to cover miles to see the scenery. Seventeen of the 40 days are in this category. That combines to make 39 of the 40 days easy enough for an average rider.

Sign says no services next 75 miles.

There are going to be days that are going to test your stamina. These days have riding of between 475 miles and 550 miles. The color code is yellow. Riders without endurance experience should look carefully at these days. This ride has only one of these days. This day has a long ride to the beginning of Glacier National Park, riding through the park… very slowly to see everything, and then out to Troy, MT for camping.

The view from Beartooth Pass.

My last color is red and it is for days of over 550 miles. There are no days this long on the trip. Everything has been adjusted so much that our only day over 475 miles is the one mentioned above. You can do this ride!

The Washington Mall of Monuments

I have one day in Washington, DC dedicated to locally touring the monuments and museums. This day may actually have no riding as we use local transportation to get into the city area. We actually have three locations where we spend an extra day for the locality. The others are South Dakota for a day of riding the Black Hills and seeing Mount Rushmore and a full day in the Moab, UT areas for Arches National Park and Canyons National Park.

It’s a bucket list ride that any rider can probably do… if they have the time, bike, and financial requirements to participate. More about those later.