Why You Should Get a National Park Pass

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There are two levels of thinking here.  Both suggest getting the National Park Pass is a money saving idea.  Let’s look at the easy one first.  Let’s say, quite by accident, you got old.  It happens!  It happened to me a few years ago.  What is old?  For this purpose it is 62.  This will qualify you for the senior pass.  Recently, the price of this jumped from $10 to $80!  It’s a big jump, but still a bargain.  It’s a lifetime pass!  It’s the same cost as one year for young people (under 62).  We’ll look at the value below.

Let’s say you’re still quite young, as in under 62.  An annual pass is only $80.  Yeah, it sounds like a lot until we look at the riding you plan on doing.  If you hit three or more parks, it pays for itself quickly… depending on the parks.  It will give you a beautiful set of destinations, too.

This year’s 360Bikers’ Ultimate Ride will hit several National Parks.  Let’s look at the cost of entering those areas.  Badlands NP is $10 for motorcycle.  Arches NP is $25 each.  Bryce NP is $30 per bike.  Canyonlands NP is $25 to get in.  Capital Reef NP sets back another $10.  Death Valley NP costs $25.  Devil’s Tower National Monument (NM) is $15.  Glacier NP sets you back another $30 and The Grand Canyon NP is $30 more.  The Little Bighorn Battlefield NM is $15 per bike.  Rocky Mountain NP is $30 each.  Yellowstone NP is $30 and Zion NP is another $30.  We may end up skipping one or two, but these add up to over $300.  That makes the $80 pass a great value!

A lake at Glacier National Park.

So, if you’re riding with me or planning your own ultimate ride, you want to get that pass and see the greatest places in America.  You can check out prices by clicking here.  NOTE!  Not all monuments and locations have fees, but they still charge you.  For example, Mount Rushmore has no entrance fee but you pay $10 for parking.  The pass does not cover this.  They gotcha!