The Ultimate Ride – Day Zero

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Today I rode to the starting point of the ride, Cornelia, GA. While not an official day, it was my chance to document the first state on my list. My ride take me on I-40 into North Carolina through one of the twistiest interstates I know. Switching to US-74, I head southwest into the Nantahala National Forest, picking up US-23 in Sylva. Branching off to Bridge Creek Road, I take that to GA-197 and GA-356 to Helen, GA.

Chris took a quick picture as I was getting ready to pull out.

Helen is a Bavarian town that hosts multiple motorcycle events. This will be my first visit as I meet Sharon for lunch. After a great lunch at King Ludwig Biergarten, we head to the starting point in Cornelia, Georgia to start in state number one. This is a cool little town, too. Great places to eat and the nearby roads are great riding in the North Georgia mountains. This was only 180 miles of riding and a great start on an epic journey around the USA.

Helen, GA.