The Ultimate Ride – Day One – Solo

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Cornelia, GA is just a few miles from South Carolina, state number two. US-76 is my first goal as I basically clip the SC before back into GA. Next, I headed to Highlands, NC, state number three, where US-64 starts the riding into the mountains.

Todd connected and rode to Franklin with me. Great rider and knows the hills.

Robbinsville is a favorite stop to refuel before continuing on US-129 north. This is a great road and has lots of good scenery. Of course, it’s known here for the section leading into Tennessee (state number four), The Tail of the Dragon. From here I actually skipped the Foothills Parkway (doing it in the fall) to go directly to the Keller Ranch and relax. My little ride was only 217 miles, but covered my first four states.

Meanwhile, Ilse has left SoFla at about 5:00 AM to ride all the way to Knoxville, TN. Later on this ride, the young lady will turn 72. Her first day of riding on this epic journey is over 860 miles and over 12.5 hours of saddle time.

Not the planned route home, but a great ride.