The Ultimate Ride – Day Three – To The Capital!

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I made an interesting observation today, though I have now been into 7 states, the only one with a welcome sign on the back roads was North Carolina, and there was no shoulder on that road to pull over and take a photo. The riding has been fantastic. I’ll grab some photos off the videos some day, but we’ve been through two lane roads that weren’t wide enough to be alleys!

A quick stop for lunch.

We road through a small mud slide that rain would quickly shut down the road. We saw lots of wash out areas from the rain and snow melt. But riding has been amazing. Back road scenery is great. Wild life has been from baby bunnies at the side of the road to a fawn racing along side of us. I saw only one adult doe.

Naturally, it was beautiful weather in the 70’s until we hit I-66 and headed into Washington. It soared to 95 degrees and with only 4 miles to the exit onto 495, someone decided to wreck and slow traffic to 3 mph. Hot and miserable, we finally got there and it was a quick ride to the hotels.

Thousands of bikes heading home from the Ride to the Wall. Good to see so many vets out there.