The Ultimate Ride – Day Two

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Tennessee has some great roads and we head north on a few of them. Starting on the Tazewell Pike, we crossed onto some obscure road in Virginia (state number five) called River Road hoping that it is paved and in good condition. We drove through Pennington Gap and, following US-23, enter Kentucky, state number six.

Ilse joined for the next 39 days of riding! Not bad for a 72-year-old!

Kentucky has some great mountains at the east end and we stayed on the US highways through here until we entered West Virginia (state number seven.) At Chapmanville we gave up the highways for serious mountain road and WV-10. Then, turning east on Mud River Road we rode beautiful mountains all the way to Charleston.

Beautiful scenery on the back roads. We don’t even know what state we’re in here!

Today’s ride was 318 miles and added three states to our trip. West Virginia has some of the best riding country in the east and we’ll explore even more of it tomorrow. After just two official days of our journey, we have been in seven states.