The Ultimate Ride – Day Seven – Experience Vermont

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Today started out pretty good. Nice weather. Nice riding. We headed south to New Hampshire again. This time, we would be cutting across it to the west. We saw White Mountain, which still had snow cap areas. We rode on the back roads that wound up the mountain and back down the other side. Nasty roads with tar snakes, humps, bumps and major cracks every where. But it was scenic.

We did a few more mountains and before we knew it, we were in Vermont! Vermont is beautiful. Some of the same road conditions, but great vistas. I enjoyed that part of the ride greatly. We ate at a restaurant that is part of a quaint little plaza mall.

We came out of Vermont and re-entered New York. Riding Interstates, I knew we would be finding some roads back north soon. We rode around the top of Lake George and then did Lakeside Drive down the west side of the lake. If you ever get a chance to do that road, take it!!!! Absolutely flawless. Well paved with lots of beautiful curves and elevation changes while riding along a beautiful lake created by the glaciers.

From there, we head to Schenectady. It was an interesting, winding set of roads the GPS took us on to get here, but we made it. I was a bit concerned when we pulled in. There was only one car in the large parking lot. The place looked vacant. Scary. I went in, since I had already paid in advance, and asked if they were still open. My money was respected and Ilse went to the Budget 6. I have no doubt she’s in a better place than I am tonight. At least I have a room with a good view in case the alarm on the bike goes off.

The view from my window.