The Ultimate Ride – Day Six – New England

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Well, it was a great ride to start. We grabbed breakfast at a Cracker Barrel after riding a ways. Then, we headed to Boston. This ride part wasn’t too bad, but then the hell began. NEVER go to Boston on your bike. They don’t want you.

I led us into the first parking garage. It was a subterranean and when we got to the bottom a guy comes running out saying, “We are only monthly. You can’t park here.” I asked where we can go and he pointed us off in a general direction. I asked the GPS to find one and in no time we were off a few blocks to get parking… we thought.

The next one was also subterranean. It had a difficult, winding, slick path to the bottom where another frantic guy comes running out yelling, “No Motorcycles! No Motorcycles!!!!” I asked why not and he mumble something about it being a liability. Then he pointed to a decal on the other side of the machine that I was supposed to see from the road. Stupid. Very stupid.

I got my bike turned around to leave, checked for Ilse to make sure she was ok and when she signaled she was good to go I drove up the steep entrance to the street. I checked my mirror. No Ilse. I’m stuck here and have to turn right. I go a few blocks and see a parking LOT. This looks good! I pull in and a guy comes running out yelling, “No Motorcycles! No Motorcycles!!!!” I’m like, “Really? On an outside easy park lot? Where do I park?” He said I must park on the street and good luck.

I got out of the lot and drove several blocks before finding a 1/4 space I could back into. Meanwhile, I had a couple broken calls with Ilse. She had dropped her bike and they refused to help her pick it up. Liability. What happened to humanity. Here’s a 72 year old lady that needs a little help to comply with your stupid rule against bikes that you don’t inform people of and you can’t give a little help? Sick. After some time she called and said she can ride. I told her to just go straight and I would see her.

This, from my parking space, was all I saw of Boston. I won’t be back!

Her mirror was loose. We got out of Boston (had to give up on the Freedom Trail due to the time was lost) and found a Walmart to get a couple crescent wrenches. I fixed the mirror in the parking lot and we were off again.

On the way I learned they have tolls…. for everything! I paid at least 6 tolls between Boston and Brunswick, ME. A guy that was going to join us but changed his mind rode out to meet us. That was pretty cool and I really appreciated it. He took me to dinner and had a great talk. He, too, is a former Victory Vision owner.

Craig on his Indian Chief. Nice bike!

So, that was the adventure for the day. Not what I planned… but at least were safe.