Information & Pricing

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Our custom rides are exceedingly competitive in pricing. We work with you to make a dramatic, pleasant riding tour in the area of the United States you are most interested in riding.  We find winding paths that are off the beaten trail while focusing on key sights that make great memories.

We typically do not handle hotel reservations unless requested.  This is because many of our riders like to use points they have accumulated to reduce the cost.  We prefer you handle bike rentals if you aren’t bringing your own.  We had personal experiences with top companies where we have rented a bike only to arrive and find another bike substituted.

Our fees are geared towards covering our expenses and giving you the best possible experience while maintaining our record of safety.  Different parts of the country will incur different costs, but a good general pricing structure will add up to about $1.250 per day for the lead rider, tail-gunner, custom plan, and associated expenses.  This cost is split between riders (4 to 12) reducing the cost significantly.  For example, a 7-day ride would cost $8,750 if it was a single rider, but with our average group of 8, this is reduced to only $1,094.  Our max size of 12 riders would cut the cost to $730 each.

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