About 360Bikers

360Bikers is a series of concepts created by me, Lee Keller.  The name has been the foundation of many purposes over the years.  It started out as an auction concept geared strictly towards motorcyclist.  Evolution joined it with a group riding site to get riders of like interests together for long and short rides around Florida and eventually all over the United States.

The auction site had to be deserted when we became a charity organization, generating funds for other charities that provided for those in need.  Over a three year period the group generated over $40,000 for military related charities and a young man stuck down by an embolism at age 26.  The charity rides had a primary focus of Iron Butt rides and did very well the first year, pretty good the second year, and alright the third year.  Waning interest and my accident forced the charity to end, but the Sunshine State Iron Butt Tour has continued 4 years past the charity for 7 nice rides.

The group site on MeetUp was hijacked by a disgruntled member with no ethics and we lost a lot of members as the person locked everyone out and progressively erased all traces of the group.  But the group moved to Facebook until in January, 2017 it was rekindled and we are now approaching two full years of great rides under our leadership.

A keystone event each year was the “Big Ride.”  For years we started in California at a rental location operated by fantastic people.  From 2008 through 2016 we rented from them every year.  Our largest group was 16 bikes including friends that live out there.  Over the years we covered a lot of California and visited Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.  There are awesome photos on the MeetUp site to see.

Last year we rented for the last time, using Eagle Rider in Denver.  We rode through Colorado Rockies, Wyoming plains and into Big Horn National Forest, Montana through Beartooth Pass and back into Wyoming for Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park.  We rode across the Teton Pass into Idaho, back along the Palisades Reservoir into Wyoming again.  We followed the Green River down to Flaming Gorge in Utah before returning through the Rockies again to return the bikes.

This is 360Bikers Touring.  My plans and ride-leading have gained a reputation for the highest quality and safety.  But my day-job got in the way of doing this full time as a business… until my retirement.  Now, 360Bikers will be planning rides all over the USA and Canada to highlight events and famous sites.  You can check out our plans and see videos of rides through this blog.

Thanks for visiting!