Upcoming Tours

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360Bikers is always planning tours.  You can also request custom tours with key points of interest you want to visit.  Our knowledge of roads and ride development in many states helps us make your motorcycle vacation the most enjoyable ride possible.  We also offer video and VR packages of your ride.  Our rides with five or less participants may have only a lead rider.  Any ride with more than five will also have an experienced tail-gunner.  Tours are maxed at 12 members.

Here’s what we have coming up so far…

  • June 2019 – Summer Tour East is a ride that enjoys famous mountain ranges like the Allegheny, Smokies and Blue Ridge.  We get to hit several major spots and, when possible, even schedule a major league game.  We explore back roads, forests, National Parks and great riding roads in our eastern states.  This ride will start outside of Washington D. C., giving you time to explore the city before the riding tour begins… or after.  This is a longer ride in miles, but they will drift by quickly with the fun you’ll have riding through at least 8 states in 8 days of riding.  This ride is a common base ride to customize for groups of 5 or more riders.
  • July 2019 – Summer Tour Rockies and More extends itself into at least 5 states as you see some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet.  You will find yourself deep into Mother Nature’s country with wild animals spotted often.  Everything from moose to elk to deer to bison to big horn sheep to… well… just keep your eyes ready.  This ride can be as little as 6 days, but we recommend the 8 day version.  So much to see and this ride typically starts in Denver.
  • August 2019 – The Ultimate Ride is a retirement dream ride.  Not everyone can do the entire ride, but we have broken it into sections so you can do part of it and still have an incredible experience.  The ride is designed to go 45 days and visit all 48 states.  Obviously, we don’t spend a whole day in each one, but there are seven days planned that are “local” riding in spectacular areas.  We also spend some time in cities that have specific attractions.  We can’t do it all on this ride, but we will do a lot of it!  The ride best starts in Jacksonville.  This is obviously for serious riders that are done with the office.
  • October 2019 – Autumn Mountain Tour is timed with foliage changes in the mountains of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia.  Attention is given to areas that view vast forests of changing colors, making this a great ride for the photographer.  We made this ride shorter so that more can enjoy it.  At only five days, it will likely start in Athens, GA.
  • June 2020 – The SCMA Four Corners ride is a bucket list ride that anyone can do… if they take the simplest routes.  We take the time to put in some great riding while traversing sections of the country that may be otherwise boring.  While there has to be highway in this ride, we make them the most scenic areas and avoid city traffic where possible.  In case you have no idea about the Four Corners, it isn’t where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah meet at a single point.  No.  This ride touches the four extreme corners of the USA.  We start in Key West, FL and head to Madawaska, ME before heading west to Blaine, WA and then south to San Ysidro, CA.  It must be completed and documented in 21 days or less, which really isn’t a problem.  You will obviously have some days with serious miles, but our plan makes the riding as much fun as possible.  After successfully completing this ride, we will have a tour planned to get everyone home.